Chapter 974

“Do you still think that way?” Nash asked solemnly. “I’ve always thought that way!” Jean said decisively. “You’re lying to yourself!” Nash said as he chuckled soundlessly. “I’ll get someone to drive you guys to the airport!” A wave of complicated feelings washed over Jean as she took her phone out and called her chauffeur. Then, a luxurious-looking Cullinan pulled to a stop on the road. The chauffeur got out of the car and opened the door for a wide-set middle-aged man who looked like he had been drinking. A slight flush appeared on his face as he said, “Jeanie, who’s this?” “Hayden… This is my godson, Nash Calcraft!” Jean smiled as she introduced them. “Oh? When did you get yourself a godson?” The middle-aged man stared at Nash like he was a ghost. Then, his eyes widened abruptly. “N-Nash Calcraft?” He had just returned from Snyder Estate. Everyone in the Snyder family, no matter whether they were active in the business or political sphere, had been talking about Nash

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