Chapter 975

Nash called Hera after he hung up the phone. “Hello, honey…” "Hey, baby. Are you free tonight?” “What’s going on? Are you home?” “No, I'm just asking!” “I’m not free tonight, I’ll have to work really late. Yoyo’s birthday is tomorrow, so Skadi and I are going to take her on a day out!” “Alright. Remember to get some rest if you’re feeling tired. Don’t wear yourself out over your work!” Nash said out of concern. “You too. Remember to get more rest, alright? Your health is already wrecked from exhaustion!” “Hera Lewis, you…” “Hehe, I’m off to work. See you!” Hera hung up the phone. Nash had an ugly expression on his face as he headed downstairs. Melody, Finn, and Ken were having fruits together. When Finn saw the ugly expression on Nash’s face, he asked, “Who pissed you off, Mr. Nash?” Nash said flatly, “Nothing!” He hurried into the basement after saying that. The Mystique Pill he had ruptured without hesitation had produced 12 tonic formulas. Today, he

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