Chapter 976

Charlie was an Englishman. He had fair skin, a tall nose, and blonde curly hair which made him seem handsome and distinguished. He served on the board of a multinational company and was here today to discuss a potential 7nm chip collaboration with Hera. From the minute he laid eyes on Hera, he had become infatuated by her looks. His initial plan was to invite Hera out for a meal the next day, but Hera had mentioned she would not be in the office because she had other matters to deal with. He did not want to give up and thus decided to invite her for dinner that very evening. Hera frowned slightly as she said coolly, “I think you should leave in case my husband misunderstands anything, Mr. Charlie! She had already told him she was married, but he was still shamelessly bugging her. If it were not for the fact he worked for one of the ten most influential multinational companies in the world, she would already have summoned security and gotten Charlie escorted from the buildin

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