Chapter 977

The room’s soundproofing had been done quite well. Sounds from the outside could no longer be heard, and there was also a large bed in the room. When Charlie could not hear any more sounds coming from the office, the corner of his lips curled upward into a gleeful grin. However, Nash and Hera still did not exit the office even after he spent another two hours waiting. Finally, at 11:00 pm, Nash finally calmed down the fire burning within him. Hera sat with her back to Nash and sniffled. Nash hugged Hera’s warm and supple body from the back and asked in mock curiosity, “Honey, what’s wrong?” Hera’s shoulders shuddered as she said in an aggrieved tone, “Bastard… I already told you not to go so hard, but you still went so hard!” Nash grinned. “Are you still going to tease me? I can go even harder than I just did!” Hera shuddered. “Are you a monster?” The corner of Nash’s lips curled upward as he leaned his body forward slightly. It was midnight when they wrapped things

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