Chapter 978

When Nash saw Hera’s middle finger, he laughed and asked, “Where did you learn that from?” “Is this even something that needs to be learned? Isn’t it an international hand gesture?” Hera replied breathlessly. Nash sighed. “Will you be mad since I caused you to lose a 300-million-dollar business deal?” Hera wrapped her arms around Nash’s neck and said, “No, of course not. I actually despise him. I already told him I had a husband, but he still kept badgering me and inviting me for dinner. I was already getting ready to throw hands!” Nash smiled a satisfied smile. “Next time, just throw hands if anyone ever rubs you the wrong way. Don’t forget you’ve got a powerful husband supporting you from behind the scenes!” Given his current relationship with three of the Five Elite Families in Jonford, nearly all of the chips needed in Jonford could be given to Baroque Group for production. Meanwhile, his grandfather had already spoken to the other families in Sagen. They had agreed t

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