Chapter 979

Hera shook her head and laughed. “I know that your father’s name is Wolfgang Young, and a story that’s got you this invested is definitely tied to you in some way!” Nash hastened his footsteps as he told Hera about his relationship with the Northern Territory Warden and the Snyder family. Hera was absolutely stunned after listening to Nash’s story. “Your sworn brother is your birth father… T-That’s ridiculous!” A rueful expression appeared on Nash’s face. “I find it outrageous too. But I guess that’s just how fate works!” Hera heaved a soft sigh. “You’re becoming more and more highly ranked in society with every passing day. It’s coming to a point where I don’t think I’m deserving of you. I’m sure you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous women in the future, and our love will change then!” Tears brimmed in Hera’s eyes as she spoke. “What are you talking about, silly goose? You’ll always be my wife, and our love for each other will never change!” Nash said as he smiled at her loving

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