Chapter 980

Hera walked down the stairs with a hint of blush on her face. Skadi rolled her eyes at Hera exasperatedly. “Won’t your conscience hurt from lying to me this way? You have no idea how worried I was!” Hera sat down next to Skadi and grabbed her hand so that she could shake it. “Gosh, I’m sorry. I won’t turn my phone off without warning in the future!” Skadi laughed. “I think you should switch it off so I don’t call at the wrong time and ruin your guys’ fun!” A blush appeared on Hera’s face. “What are you talking about? I don’t get it!” Skadi spluttered with laughter. “Go on pretending. The redness hasn’t even vanished from your face yet!” Nash, who was sitting on the couch opposite theirs, smiled as he interjected, “There's a kid here. Watch yourselves when you’re talking!” Skadi glanced at Yoyo before she finally stopped teasing. The sound of a car horn could be heard coming from the outside. Finn drove a cool-looking Mercedes G-Class into a parking spot. The loud sou

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