Chapter 981

Jaxon was so handsome that if Felicity were to stay with him all day long, she might fall in love with him sooner or later. However, Jaxon avoided women at all costs… Another ill-fated relationship! Nash shook his head resignedly. When lunch was about to come to an end, Nash looked at Sydney and Queenie and asked, “How’s the company doing? Is the renovation done yet?” “Renovation for the first floor is done, but…” Sydney was telling the truth, but she looked worried. Nash noticed this, and he smiled. “Is there a problem?” Sydney pursed her lips and nodded. “With our company’s qualifications, we’re only able to do original equipment manufacturing. But if we do that, it won’t be beneficial for the future development of the company!” “Does that mean we need more flagship products?” “Yes, we need to produce a main product, but we haven’t decided the scope of our business yet. Should we produce Western medicine, beauty supplements, or dietary supplements?” Sydney stared at Nash wi

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