Chapter 982

Felicity lowered her voice. Nash chuckled in confusion. “Just tell me. Why are you being so mysterious?” “Why can’t you just step away for a second?” Felicity sounded impatient, so Nash walked away resignedly. “Done. Can you tell me now?” “Are you cheating on Hera behind her back?” Felicity asked angrily. “What the fuck?” Nash was baffled. He recalled the night when they went to a bar and hired female escorts in Sagen. He asked, “Are you referring to that night at Drunken Bar?” Felicity said, “No. Angelica just called and said that a beautiful girl is in the Inspection Office looking for you. She said that she’s your girlfriend and that you’re not taking responsibility after you slept with her!” Nash’s lips twitched violently, and he asked with a darkened expression, “What’s the girl's name?” Felicity replied, “I didn’t ask. I think you should go to the Inspection Office right now or call Angelica and ask her!” Nash took a deep breath and went through his contacts only to rem

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