Chapter 983

Nash said in a deep voice, “I’m almost there!” As he spoke, he floored the accelerator. There was no way that Cassie would set the building on fire, right? She had a flame bug in the form of a crimson leech. It could jump around with its head and tail. It sometimes secreted a chemical mucus that contained phosphorus. The mucus had a very low ignition point and could catch fire at about 40 degrees Celsius. The fire at the Inspection Office must have been caused by that leech. Several fire trucks were parked below the Inspection Office, and the flames had already been extinguished. A group of inspection officers in uniforms were gathered downstairs in a panic. Angelica’s hair was tousled, and soot was smeared on her face. Next to her was a fair, beautiful girl in Mallefic tribe clothes. Angelica looked at the red bug in the beautiful girl's hand in disbelief. “Are you saying that this thing caused the fire?” Cassie nodded resignedly. “Yes, this is a flame bug. It can keep you

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