Chapter 984

Nash’s expression sank. At that time, he was not very mature himself. He was just teasing Cassie, but she took it seriously. “I’m already married…” Nash said in a low voice. No matter whether Cassie was serious or not, he should still tell her that he was married to avoid any further misunderstandings. The smile on Cassie’s face disappeared, and tears welled up in her eyes. She sobbed. “You jerk… How could you dump me after you slept with me?” Nash was baffled. “We were just stargazing on the grass!” His master had stayed in Cassie's village for three months, and during that time, Cassie would never leave Nash’s side. They hiked together, fished together, herded cattle together, and even lay on the grass together to count the stars! At that time, Nash did not know that he was engaged, so he promised to marry Cassie when she grew up. Cassie lowered her head and remained silent for a long time. Nash asked with mixed feelings, “Have you eaten yet? How about I take you to grab so

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