Chapter 986

Nash squinted his eyes and said, “Cassie, do you know how dangerous that is?” Cassie was serious. “Let’s go get a room. I just so happen to be ovulating these couple of days, so if we do it multiple times, I’ll get pregnant for sure!” The smile on Nash’s face froze. Cassie’s gaze was resolute, and she did not look like she was joking at all. After a long pause, Nash said with annoyance, “I said not to mention children!” Cassie looked innocent and sweet in her Mallefic tribe clothes, so how could such words come out of her mouth? Nash leaned on the chair and lit a cigarette, wondering where to let Cassie stay. It was impossible to bring her back to Royal Bay. If she mentioned wanting to give birth to his child in front of Hera, he would have to bear the consequences. However, Nash was worried about her staying in a hotel. He was not worried that she would encounter bad people, but he was worried that her bugs would burn down the hotel. Just then, Nash’s phone rang in his pock

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