Chapter 987

Some patients who relied on these parasites to survive would die as well. “I should find Abraham as soon as possible and bring back the new Parasite Lord!” Cassie said resolutely. “Now that Abraham has the Parasite Lord, you’re no longer a match for him. Listen to me and just have fun with Nash for the time being. When your father and I go to Jonford, we’ll take you to find Abraham!” Jared reassured her in a kind tone. “By the time you get here, it'll be too late!” After saying that, Cassie hung up. Nash looked at her and said, “I think you should listen to your grandfather and wait for them to come here before going off to find Abraham!” The Parasite Lord was the pinnacle of parasite evolution. Regardless of the level of the parasitic bugs, they would all surrender in front of the Parasite Lord. Cassie possessed superpowers from these bugs, but if she got near the Parasite Lord, those powers would disappear. In that case, Cassie would just be a powerless little girl. How wou

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