Chapter 988

Nash nodded. “If you help me repair the Mystique Loyalty Realm, I’ll help you find Abraham and get the Parasite Lord back!” Even if Cassie could not help him repair his Mystique Loyalty Realm, he would still help her find Abraham. His master and Jared were good friends. He had also spent several months together with Cassie. Now that the Parasite Colony was in trouble, he could not just sit back and ignore it. Nash took Cassie to the front desk and got the luxurious presidential suite. Cassie had two suitcases—one large pink suitcase and one small black suitcase. The small suitcase had an insulating function with a screen on the side to display the temperature inside. It should be the box containing the parasitic bugs. In the room, Cassie opened the black suitcase and took out a square metal box. She opened the lid, and the inside was divided into 16 small grids. Each grid contained a parasite. There were all kinds of peculiar bugs, but all of these bugs had one thing in com

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