Chapter 989

Based on his understanding, it was difficult for an ordinary colony to raise golden bugs. Even if they managed to do it, it would be far less powerful than the golden bugs in the Parasite Colony. If a colony had more than ten golden bugs, it would boom in popularity among the Mallefic tribe. However, the Parasite Colony prepared a dowry of a hundred golden bugs for Cassie. If converted into money, it would be at least five billion! Why did he not realize that the Parasite Colony was this rich before? Cassie looked at Nash eagerly and said, “I’ll give you half of it!” Nash smiled and said, “It’s not like I can learn how to control parasites overnight. Plus, I’m not interested in parasites!” “You can sell them for money. There’s limited stock on the market, so parasite specialists from other colonies are willing to spend their entire fortune to buy them from you!” “Just leave them for your future husband. The parasites are more valuable in the hands of a parasite specialist!” A

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