Chapter 993

"Call Henderson. Please continue to look for her. This girl is a very dangerous person!" Nash's face was very serious. Angelica immediately took out her mobile phone to contact Henderson. Henderson immediately held an emergency meeting when he heard that it was the person Nash was looking for. In just half an hour, the number of patrol cars on all streets in Jonford increased several times. Nash drove to Lakeview District. According to Felicity's address, he found Villa No. 9 in theLakeview District. As soon as he parked the car, he saw an expressionless Jaxon. "Jaxon..." Nash got out of the car to say hello. However, Jaxon looked terrible. Nash could not help but ask, "Are you okay…?" "Have you seen Felicity?" Jaxon asked with his hands clasped together. "I just came here to find her. What happened to her?" Nash asked with a frown. "She replaced my Mythism Totem with a giant teddy bear!" Jaxon would place a Mythism Totem where he always meditated. Today, as he completed

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