Chapter 994

Nash walked out of the car. Bernard Dean immediately greeted him and said humbly, "Mr. Calcraft, hello." The other two experts also bowed in unison. "Hello, Dr. Calcraft!" Nash nodded. "Miles Mason from Universal Group, which ward is he in?" Bernard looked at the two experts. "You guys go over first. I'll take Mr. Calcraft to the ward!" The two experts looked at each other, showing no intention of leaving. There would always be research value every time Nahs got into action. These doctors did not want to miss any opportunity. Bernard saw through them and said with a smile, "In that case, let's go together!" With that, he looked at the short-haired woman and asked, "Did you just say that there was an idiot who stole your parking spot?" Nash glanced at the short-haired woman and said casually, "I'm the idiot your precious granddaughter was referring to." Bernard's expression darkened. "Renee, apologize to Dr. Calcraft!" Renee looked at Nash in disbelief. "He… He's the Miracle

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