Chapter 995

He twisted the ends of the golden needles with his fingers. When he released them, the tails of the golden needles trembled and left an afterimage. Brian looked at Renee with a half-smile. "Do you believe it now?" Renee nodded blankly. Ten minutes later, Miles slowly opened his eyes. Nash took the wet towel handed over by Bernard and wiped his hands. Miles looked at Nash blankly. "Mr. Calcraft… You… You saved me!" He could hear people outside talking, but he could not move. "Take good care of yourself. I'll avenge you. I won't allow my people to be bullied!" Nash said in a deep voice. Miles' eyes turned red. He shook his head with a wry smile. "Queenie is from the Grahams in Capiton. We can't fight her!" "I don't care who she is or what her background is. Anyone who dares to touch my people will be given back twice as much!" Nash's tone became colder. Miles was overwhelmed and shed tears. "Thank you, Mr. Calcraft. I'll definitely follow you in the future!" With such a boss,

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