Chapter 996

"What makes you say that?" Nash put on his seat belt and continued driving. Renee tucked the short hair that was blocking her face behind her ears and said with a chuckle, "You were originally going to celebrate someone's birthday, but when you heard about the beautiful women, you changed your mind. "It means you're single and you want to take the opportunity to get to know more people!” Nash smiled and said nothing. Renee raised the corners of her mouth slightly. She thought, ‘Silence is admission. It's a pity that I have a boyfriend abroad. Otherwise, I could try to get along with Miracle Doctor Calcraft.’ She glanced sideways at Nash, who had sharp, outstanding eyes and defined features. He seemed much more handsome than her boyfriend. After weighing the pros and cons, she took out her phone, opened her boyfriend's Whatsapp chat window, and sent a message: [Milo, let's break up!] [What?] [I can't accept long-distance relationships!] [Honey, are you serious?] [I'm seriou

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