Chapter 997

She shouted three times in succession. She did not stop until her childlike voice was hoarse. Cillian slowly looked at the brightest star in the sky. A deep longing flashed in his pupils. Nash stood up and looked at Cillian. A golden light flashed in his eyes. He realized that the Mystique Pill had been born in Cillian’s energy center. The antipyretic toxins in Cillian's system had been completely cured. However, it was unsure what method he used to break through the Mystique Loyalty Realm in such a short period of time without relying on elixirs. "Let’s have a couple of drinks?" Nash had not had a drink with Cillian yet. It was rare that Cillian was willing to go down the mountain, so naturally, Nash did not want to miss this opportunity. Cillian nodded silently and then took Yoyo's hand. They went back to the table to eat. Yoyo skipped her way back to Skadi. Nash and Cillian were sitting in the room where Finn and Ken were sitting. Skadi looked at Cillian and Nash, laughing

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