Chapter 1159

"Lilian even said that Bianca killed my father…" Anne's eyes were blurry, but she tried to see past that and watch Anthony's reaction. She wished that he could stand up for her and for her father. Anthony's dark eyes were stunned at first, then he asked, "You did not make this up, did you?" Anne's heart immediately sank. She felt that the bath water was no longer warm but icy cold, which was why she felt it so cold right into her bones. "You think that… I made this up?" Anne's voice was hoarse. She lost control over her emotions. "Why would I make this up? I have been so traumatized, and will I have the heart to make this up? Lilian told me about it! You said you wanted to investigate this after you got hold of Lilian, now that she is dead, so we do not have evidence anymore. So, this can't be solved, right?" Anthony did not say anything. Anne was utterly disappointed. She turned and wanted to leave. However, the hand on her waist tightened and grabbed her tiny waist. "W

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