Chapter 1160

Kathryn was stunned. She could not understand what she was trying to imply. Was she trying to make Anthony sympathize with her more? However, she observed that Anne's expression looked more like she was facing it with an open heart and did not care about the consequence. What she wanted was not sympathy but was to be given up on. Anthony's footsteps were heard, and the atmosphere transitioned into one that was being intruded upon and filled with energy and tension. That was a sign of being alive too. Kathryn thought she did not achieve what she wanted, but Mrs. Marwood did. Her scarred face was bare and reflected in Anthony's dark eyes as though it was imprinted in his eyes. Anthony stood there and did not say a word but quietly watched as Kathryn treated the wound, then covered it in a bandage. "The bandage has good ventilation. It will not trap the wound. The wound is recovering well, but please continue to avoid water," Kathryn said. Anthony said, "Next time, please wa

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