Chapter 124

"Anne, stop acting already! Why don't you join the entertainment industry with that acting skill of yours?" Zelda sneered. The policeman said, "You look very pale! Are you unwell?" "I was shocked by the cold water she poured on me. Please let me squat for a while…" Anne moved away from the seat and squatted on the ground, feeling a little more comfortable than before. "Anne, stop making blind accusations! I didn't pour water on you!" Zelda denied it, as she believed no one saw it anyway. "I saw your shoes. You're the only one who didn't wear the work shoes," Anne said. Zelda panicked and she looked down at her feet subconsciously. She really did not wear her work shoes today. However, did Anne really see it? She was not bluffing, was she? "Don't talk nonsense here, it's not me!" Zelda denied. Anne was too lazy to argue further with her. Her abdomen hurt and her clothes were drenched. Her forehead was cold to the touch, and she was sweating profusely. Anne indeed bluffed abo

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