Chapter 125

Anthony watched her huddled in the corner and aggrieved, his black eyes were tinted with interest. "Where do you want to go?" he asked. Anne was stunned. He was actually asking her? Did he not just act directly all this while? Her idea was never taken into account anyway. This man had always been moody and uncertain, and it was really difficult to have a grasp on him. Seeing that she did not speak, Anthony instructed the driver, "Go to the hospital." When Anne used to be a little girl, she never went to the hospital for stomach cramps. After all, it had never been as painful as it was now. They went to the hospital and were attended by Kathryn. Anne sat there lifelessly. Kathryn asked, "Which part of you is feeling unwell?" "Menstrual cramps." Kathryn was surprised, and she glanced at the man sitting leisurely next to her. So, Anthony Marwood brought her to treat her dysmenorrhea? It was just like how parents would bring their children on menstruation to come to consult.

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