Chapter 1272

Jeremy noticed Ashlynn was feeling nervous. He looked to where she was looking and saw Corentin walking in their direction. He could not ignore the hostility that he was emitting. Ashlynn was sitting straighter and straighter as he advanced and could barely breathe. However, Corentin only passed by their table and did not pause for a split second at all. It was as though he was only here for lunch. "Now you are protected by the Hilton family, don't need to be afraid of him. From now on, you will stay with the Hilton family. Don't go back to Corentin anymore," Jeremy said. A small flame of hope ignited in her. Could she really do this? She remembered the true colors of Corentin under his suit and tie and was still somewhat feeling unnerved. Plus, why should the Hilton family go against the Lloyd family just because of her? She did not even dare to dream about it. "Did you hear me?" Jeremy asked. Ashlynn only assumed that he was just offering on impulse and said, "I am

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