Chapter 1273

"Yes, they do. I have informed them about it. I think Mrs. Hilton and Mr. Hilton will be back soon, won't they?" Aunt Cher said and then looked at Ashlynn unpleasantly. "It's such an important family event. Should Ashlynn avoid sitting at the same table?" "Aunt Cher, Ashlynn is the little missy of our family. Don't you ever let me hear something like this again," Jeremy said sternly. "Little missy? There is only one little missy in the Hilton family…" Aunt Cher rebutted. "Mrs. Hilton has already taken her in as her goddaughter, and she is a part of our family now. You are one of the elder persons within the Hilton family. You should know your manners." Jeremy shut Aunt Cher up. They heard the car noises from outside. Jeremy turned around and saw it was Beth's car. Marshall and Beth came out of the car. Two of them came home together. Ever since Ashlynn got here, they had never come back together before. They always came back one after another. Therefore, she knew how much

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