Chapter 1323

It had been left in his car at that time. Anthony's black eyes were deep and cold. He picked up the phone and went through the contents to see if there was anything suspicious. Then, he saw a large volume of videos and pictures, and they were all of the triplets. There were not so many in the past when he had taken a look at the phone. Anthony's black eyes were as cold as a frozen lake. All these showed even more that Anne's leaving was planned. How exactly was she able to contact Lucas when she was completely in the palm of his hand? When she was at the apartment? That was the only time they met. There were incoming calls from Lucas in the call history, but they were not answered. Only Joanne had called her once, and he knew about that call. What did Lucas say to Anne through Joanne? If so, why did Lucas call Anne so many times after that? If they truly had a plan, it would be impossible for Anne to not answer his calls. …Was it a diversion? Anthony kept feeling that Anne

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