Chapter 1324

"Anne, you don't owe me anything. I did it all willingly." "Do you…still like me?" Anne could not help but ask him. Lucas' silence was equivalent to an answer. "I had long told you not to offend the crazy Anthony. He will never allow me to have other men by my side…" Anne's tears were already gushing down her face. "Am I supposed to just sit idly by when you're in danger then? I can't do that." Lucas' voice was slightly deeper. "Anne, we are at the point of no return. We will see the light at the end if we keep walking forward. You are no longer in the dark anymore." Anne quickly covered her own lips. Otherwise, she would cry out loud. She did not want to let Lucas hear her emotion deep down that she could not control. However, Lucas could still sense her pain and the suffering she had experienced all this while. "Anne, I will go look for you." Anne did not reject him anymore. Because she could not bear to do it. Lucas was feeling so strong and resolute about wanting to meet

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