Chapter 1336

Just then, the phone on the desk vibrated. Anthony's black eyes were gloomy and cold as he looked at the unfamiliar number on the screen. It showed that the call was coming from abroad. His heartbeat began to lose its rhythm, and his eyes darkened. He picked up the phone and answered the call. His thin lips tightly pressed together, and the veins on the back of his hands twisted from the force he was using. "Mr. Marwood?" The woman's voice was not Anne's, the one he wanted to hear. Anthony's dark eyes suddenly darkened, and his face was dark. "You better have a legitimate reason for making this call," he said coldly. "I know where Anne is. Is that a valid reason?" Joanne asked. Anthony's pupils constricted, and he said calmly, "Give me the address." "I have conditions," Joanne said. "Tell me," Anthony said. "If I tell you where Anne is, will you promise to leave the Newman house alone, especially my son Lucas? If you can't promise that, just pretend that I never m

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