Chapter 1337

No one spoke, and there were only slight movements during meals, as was expected of a well-bred family. Lucas was born into such a family, exuding self-cultivation and stability. Joanne asked how Lucas was getting along with Anne. Lucas's eyes narrowed slightly behind the glasses, and he seemed uncomfortable with his parents discussing this topic at the dinner table. However, he still respected them, saying, "Very good." Joanne asked if Anne wanted to be with Lucas. "If she wants to and can completely forget about Anthony, we can accept her," she said. Lucas looked at his parents in surprise and asked, "Are you sure?" "What other options do we have if you don't agree to listen to us?" Eason asked gravely. Lucas did not like it when they spoke to him as if he was a three-year-old. "She will never go back to Anthony's side." "I saw on the news that Anthony's child had an accident, but she didn't seem to care. You don't deserve someone as insensitive as that," Eason spok

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