Chapter 1493

The triplets walked out of school and spotted Anne waiting by the car. They hurried over, shouting in unison, "Mama!" Anne could not hold all three of them at once and could only crouch to wrap her arms around their bodies. "When did you come back, Mama?" "You didn't tell us that you were leaving. We were worried." "It's good that you came home." "I went to handle something and came home once that's done," Anne explained. "Oh...will you leave again?" Chloe asked. Anne glanced at Anthony. "No." "You have to keep your words, Mama." "Or we are going to cry." "We will keep crying until you come back." "We will cry until we die," Chloe added. Anne chuckled. "Promise." They took the triplets and left the school. Back in the Royal Mansion, an unfamiliar car was parked outside the gate and Hayden came out to welcome the family, before explaining, "Mr. Marwood, Mr. Tommy is here." They headed into the living room and spotted Tommy sitting on the couch while watching romantic dram

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