Chapter 1494

Tommy did not stay for long after Anthony had decided to chase him out. Meanwhile, the triplets were working on their homework in the study room while Anne kept them company. Anthony insisted on sitting in the same chair as Anne and when she tried to get up, he wrapped his arm around her to keep her from escaping. The heat of his skin radiated through their joined skins, burning into her soul. She glared at him to remind him that they were in the presence of their children. "Go wash your hands and get ready to eat," Anthony said. "Mama, are you coming with us?" Chloe invited. "She will go later," Anthony said in Anne's place. The triplets were slightly upset, but obeyed regardless. As soon as the door closed, Anthony narrowed his eyes and pressed his lips against Anne's hastily. "Umph..." She flushed a crimson shade at the sudden assault. Anthony licked every corner in her mouth, relishing the sensation. Anne could sense her body changing and shivering in response to his mo

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