Chapter 1532

It was after Anne got her injuries on her hand bandaged at the hospital that she was allowed to go to Lucia's ward. In the past, to prevent unauthorized persons from coming in and out, the entire floor was not open to the public. Therefore, there were no other patients and only a few appointed doctors and nurses there. The entire floor used to be quiet, but everyone was swamped at that moment. The air was filled with a thick bloody smell. A few bodyguards and also nurses not far away were cleaning the blood stains on the floor and the wall. The bucket that was placed at the side was filled with bloody water. Anne also saw bullet holes and scratches on the wall. It seemed like it was not just a woman who had come here to attack Lucia. There were also other assassins… Corentin, who had just ended a call, walked over and glanced at Anne's hand. "You're injured?" As Anne looked at her hand that was bandaged and the layers of gauze that were wrapped around it, she strongly believed

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