Chapter 1533

However, it was fortunate that her goal seemed to be half accomplished! A twisted and vicious smile appeared in Lucia's eyes. The Rolls Loyce outside was waiting for her. When the bodyguard saw Anne coming, he opened the car door. Anne got in the car and left the mansion. The car was driving on the road at a steady speed. Anne sat by the window and looked at the scenery outside that was going backward quickly. Her mind was blank as she lost the ability to think. However, she only spaced out for a brief moment before she felt a sense of tightness on her hand. Anthony held her hand in his palm. "What are you thinking about?" Anne turned her face over, and she met Anthony's black eyes and felt the strength of the hand that was holding her hand tightly, she wondered if he was feeling nervous. "Nothing. I believe this matter will be resolved," she said. Anthony exerted a little bit of force with his hand and pulled her over to make her sit on his lap and sink into his arms. His voic

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