Chapter 1534

Lucas knew she was not willing to talk to him about it. After all, both of them had been separated for so long. However, he would still feel a slight discomfort deep down because of the distance between the two of them. "The children are already four now. They've grown much taller, haven't they?" Lucas changed the topic. Speaking of the children, Anne's expression was clearly much more relaxed. She took out her phone and scrolled to a video. "Look." Lucas held the phone and played the video. The four-year-old triplets have indeed grown later. They were no longer as chubby as before anymore, but all of them looked good. They had excellent genes. Even Lucas was envious. Especially because the children were Anne's. Both of them originally could also have children together… After he finished watching the video, he handed the phone back to her with a gentle smile on his face. "I wonder if they can still recognize Daddy if I meet them." "They will recognize you," said Anne, then she

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