Chapter 1553

"I have no idea either." Lucas looked gloomy. "Ever since I came to Luton, I kept feeling that a force was driving all these behind the scenes. If the car accident was an accident at first, then what about the gossip online? Someone even mentioned your name. The person has a very strong purpose." Anne lowered her gaze a little. "It's not Anthony…" Lucas asked, "Why are you so certain? Have you found out who did it?" "No…I'm not trusting Anthony blindly. I just felt that having this matter exposed would only bring harm and no benefits to him. Anthony won't do any losing business," said Anne. A lady with the Vallois last name was mentioned online. Her instinctual response was that it could not be Anthony's doing. "It's beneficial and harmless for him to have me removed." Lucas' expression darkened. "Anthony is no longer the same as before." Anne wanted to put in a good word for Anthony. "Anne, a leopard can't change its spots. It's not that I don't believe him. I just can't think

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