Chapter 1554

Anthony returned to the Royal Mansion after he handled the matters at the company. In fact, the matters that he was handling at the company were all regarding Anne. He was still looking for clues about Tommy. That was much more important than the work of his company. He would not be able to have peace of mind if Tommy was not dealt with. The Rolls Loyce was driven into the Royal Mansion, and Anthony came out of the car. His long legs were so eye-catching and also pressuring. After he entered the hallway, Anthony asked, "Where's my wife?" "She's upstairs." "She has been upstairs the whole time?" "Yes, she hasn't come out of the room," said Hayden, "maybe she's taking an afternoon nap…" Anthony went straight upstairs without saying a word. Anne had just jumped in through the window when she heard the door being opened, which gave her such a fright that her expression changed a little. Because other than Anthony, no servants would enter the room without permission. Anthony cl

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