Chapter 1569

It has already been a long time since Ashlynn visited her family, so she mentioned it to Corentin at night. Corentin said, "I'll go with you." Ashlynn originally thought Corentin would go about his own business after dropping her off. After all, there was no safer place than her family's mansion. However, Corentin did not leave. He stayed to keep her accompanied. Ashlynn asked, "Aren't you busy? I'm fine here." Beth did not know the complexity of the matter, so she told Corentin, "I'm even more cautious than you with this child." "Alright." Corentin got up, kissed Ashlynn's face, and said to Beth, "I'll come over for dinner tonight." "Got it." After Corentin left, Beth looked at Ashlynn's quiet expression and asked, "You guys didn't have a fight, did you?" "I'm pregnant. How can I fight?" said Ashlynn. "What happened then? You look like you're not in a good mood." "Maybe it's because I'm pregnant. I just feel lethargic." "That's very normal. When I was pregnant with you ba

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