Chapter 1570

Anne initially wanted to use a kiss as a means to achieve her goal, but she ended up being swooned by Anthony's hug and kiss. If it were not for her last defense of sanity stopping her, she would surely be pinned down and devoured by Anthony. "Will you say yes?" She bit her lips and asked, panting. Anthony's deep black eyes were lit with a burning desire. "You want me to say yes, but your attempt is a little insincere, no?" Anne blushed. He actually saw through her tactics. She no longer decided to hide. "Are you going to let me go or not?" she asked while kissing the corner of Anthony's mouth seductively. "That depends on your performance." Anthony held her face and pressed his lips against hers. He had no willpower when he was faced with Anne's seduction. He only wanted to make love to her to death. Two days later, Anne boarded the helicopter toward Athethin with a sore body. The helicopter landed on the endless meadow in front of the luxurious mansion. From afar she saw

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