Chapter 184

Anne recognized the voice and knew that it was Lucas' assistant. Knowing that he must be busy at the moment, Anne did not continue the conversation and ended the call. For a long while, she could not seem to regain her composure because she felt like there was more to the situation. The attention on the incident had only increased in the past two days almost as though the school had hidden the truth about the death of the female student back then. At the moment, the triplets were the only ones who were in Lucas' apartment and they had not seen him in the past two days. Just then, they heard the door knob turning and Lucas stepped into the apartment. Anne stood up abruptly. "Daddy!" The three children chirped and Anne blushed at the way they addressed him. Lucas casually walked over to pat them on the head, before turning his attention to Anne. "You're here." Though there was still a smile on his face, Anne could tell how troubled he was and looked away. "I just got here." "I wa

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