Chapter 185

She received no response after a while and got into a taxi to head toward Royal Mansion. Anthony was a businessman, so it was not possible for him to miss a phone call, even if he was in the shower, she had waited enough to rule that out as a possibility. If Anthony had not replied, it meant that Bianca was not in the Royal Mansion, otherwise he would do everything to prevent her from ruining his time with the woman he loved. Half an hour later, she arrived at the Royal Mansion. The Royal Mansion was not as bright as the typical luxurious mansions and was most hidden in the darkness in a terrifying manner that would scare off any visitors. Seeing the Rolls Loyce parked outside the gate, she bit on her lip and summoned the courage to climb up the stairs, feeling the weight of her fear with each step she took. She knew that there would be no end to what was happening to the Pinnacle Academy if she did not come to Anthony herself, since he was the person pulling the strings and more

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