Chapter 203

She only said that she needed to work overtime at the company, and that she could sleep there at night. Sarah must not know about the children. Anne believed that if Sarah knew about them, the entanglement and conflict with the Marwood family would definitely escalate. She knew it was definite… It was not practical to work overtime and sleep in the company every day. A day later, she left Lucas' place and returned to her house. Just as she climbed the stairs, she stopped abruptly just as she came out of the corner. She saw two people pulling at the door. One was Sarah, and the other was a man who claimed to be her father but sold her to the entertainment club. "Are you going to leave at all? Anne is coming back soon and she'll be unhappy to see you!" Sarah pushed him. "Why will she be unhappy? I'm her biological father. You can live here, so why can't I?" Gregory Cooper behaved like a rogue. "Don't you know what kind of person you are? You divorced your ex-wife and came to p

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