Chapter 204

"You don’t know? Did she really lie to me?" Gregory was angered, "Are you really not going to give me the money?" "Answer my question, who did you kidnap?!" Anne was impatient to answer his question. She just wanted to know who Gregory got involved with. "Bianca, the one who can play the piano. I've tied her up and taught her a lesson. It's time to send me the money now, right?" Once she heard Bianca's name, Anne's face turned ghostly white. Her legs were weak, and she almost fell to the ground. She finally found her voice again, "Where are you? I'll send you the money." "Alright, alright!" The ignorant Gregory nodded in agreement happily. In his eyes, only money was the most important. He cared about nothing else. After he was able to sell his own daughter and walk away without looking back, Anne already saw through her biological father clearly. Even after she was being sold, there were ways to survive. However, if Bianca was kidnapped… Anne no longer dared to imagine the c

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