Chapter 20

Anne stopped and turned back to look at him with teary eyes. "I remember, thank you. I will take good care of myself. Also, the person who bought this clinic is… Anthony." Tommy was taken aback and uttered, "Him?" "So, don't come here." Anne looked away and walked inside. Tommy stood there transfixed. He found it hard to accept. If it was Anthony who bought the Aesthetic Clinic, then he was also the person in charge of the Archduke Group… He would never have thought that it was Anthony. When did Anthony turn into such a powerful person in charge of the Archduke Group… The reason she told Tommy was to stop him from coming to this clinic in the control of Anthony. Also, she did not want Tommy to start a pointless fight as there was no point in fighting against the Archduke Group. Furthermore, she did not want to put Tommy in a difficult situation. Once she managed to leave Luton, she would never come back again. So, what was the point… Anne went to buy lunch in the afte

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