Chapter 269

However, she immediately recovered. "Do you think it will really help you even if you record me? Anthony said he believed me, so save it! You don't know me and what my family means to Anthony. You sure are daring to try and move against me!" "You are out of line. You were the one who slipped seafood into my food, and now it's my fault? Bianca, haven't your family taught you what it means to respect others?" Anne mocked. "Who are you to comment on my family? I'm telling you this now, Anne, this is not over! We will see who wins in the end!" Bianca hung up with a twisted smile on her face. Anne had not found out that there was a deformed child growing inside of her, and Bianca looked forward to the day she found out. Anne put her phone away and thought to herself, 'What a crazy woman!' A honk startled her, and she turned to see Xander's car, so she hurried down the stairs and opened the car door to get inside. "Why are you still here, Director?" She buckled up. "We came together,

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