Chapter 270

The end of each month was often the busiest time for the finance department, and everyone had been working overtime for days in a row. "Ah! It's finally done! We finally don't need to work overtime tomorrow!" "The end of each month is hellish!" "I'm so tired." Everyone leaned against their desks in exhaustion when Xander came out of his office and asked, "It's still nine, so is anyone interested in having a gathering?" "Yes!" The others who had been lying down like corpses instantly stood up energetically. Their shouts startled Anne. 'I thought they said they were exhausted? Are they sure?' she thought to herself. Anne did not want to join the gathering and desperately wanted to go home for a shower, but before she could say anything, Xander said, "Anne, I've sent you the address. Half of them are going with you, and half will follow me." Excited, the others immediately pulled Anne onto her feet. "Let's go!" Anne complied with resignation. A gathering had to be lively, and s

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