Chapter 30

"Anne, if you try to play tricks behind my back, you will be dead." Anne felt her scalp go numb and chill. "I know, but what I said is true. Michelle went to the clinic and gave me a hard time. She pushed the director to fire me, so I had to leave. You can…" Before she could finish, Anthony hung up coldly and bluntly. Anne did not know if what she said worked. She pretended to sound weak and scared, like a victim for years. While Anthony was the cruel sadist. She felt somewhat unsettled… Therefore,when her phone rang again, she was so scared that her phone almost fell. It was an unknown number. She answered, "Hello?" "I'm the HR from Aesthetic Clinic. I have called you a few times, and you finally answered. Why haven’t you come to work?" Anne was confused. Wasn't she fired yesterday? "Got it, I will go there in the afternoon." After hanging up, Anne saw that there were a few missed calls from the clinic before Anthony’s call. After lunch, she went to work, and o

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