Chapter 399

He was gone? Anne walked out of the bathroom, into the living room and into the other room. Anthony was nowhere to be seen. Sure enough, he was gone. What about his clothes? She did not dare to deal with them casually, for fear of another accident requiring compensation. Anne found the mobile phone in the living room and called him. However, her face turned gloomy immediately. That bastard did not answer the phone! Did he not just leave? The phone should be right next to him! After calling three times in a row and he did not answer, Anne was absolutely sure that he did it on purpose. Anne put the phone aside and went into the bathroom to face the clothes. She could not let the clothes just lay in the shower. Rinsing them and putting them up for air dry should be fine! Away from cheap detergent and iron. Anne did not even wring the clothes. She directly hung them on the balcony. The dripping water was like a waterfall. After finishing all this, Anne called Xander to ask

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