Chapter 400

After hanging up the phone, Nigel had a serious expression. "What do you mean? It shouldn't be done like this! He went back on his words, and I want him to give me an explanation!" Bianca disagreed even further. "It's obviously Anne that seduced Anthony. It's her fault!" "Who is to blame, we'll find out later," Nigel said. "Then you stay here, and I'm leaving." Bianca turned around and was about to leave. Nigel pulled her arm. "Stay here." "Dad!" Bianca did not want to face Anthony for such an incident. After all, she was still afraid of Anthony. He was a man in power and uncontrollable by any woman. "Both of you are my daughters, and I cherish you both all the same. Since you want to solve this, let's talk about it in detail." Nigel looked at Anne, who had been silent, and said, "Go and change your clothes." Anne lowered her head and went to the room. She closed the door. Bianca on the other hand, started to shed tears in front of Nigel. "I'll call the shots for you," Nige

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