Chapter 411

Anne hesitated before answering the call, and she heard Bianca saying, "Anne, come to the Archduke Group!" She was snuffling slightly, and it was apparent that she had just cried. Anne became anxious. Bianca's call to ask her to go to the Archduke Group could only mean one thing—Bianca was at the Archduke Group, and Anne would have to face the pressure from Anthony. After hanging up the call, Anne's mind became foggy. When Sarah noticed that, she asked, "What's wrong? Who called you? What did the person say?" "It was Bianca. I have to go to the Archduke Group." Sarah grabbed her arm. "You're going to the Archduke Group? Isn't that Anthony's company? What are they trying to do to you? You have nothing to do with the incident! Why didn't they find me? I'll go with you." "No. Bianca only asked for my presence. Besides, Anthony will be there, and you'll only add fuel to the fire," Anne said. Sarah flinched when she heard Anthony's name. "Don't worry. I'll be fine," Anne comfort

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